Friday, 31 October 2014

14" Magnifica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sonofapizzaman proudly presents his 14 inch Magnifica!!! Contains a fuck-tonne of boogie and italo toppings. No hotdogs in the crust or any of that sort of bullshit. This special guest mix for Red Laser Records includes a couple of yet to be released tracks from the label. 'Pizzaman robbed the keys to label chief Il Bosco's Red Rocket Racer and lifted some test pressings out the boot.

*WARNING - Will make you wanna eat pizza and fly a magic carpet over a rainbow. FINE TOPPINGS NO DROPPINGS.

*Credits : Recorded at the Pizzashop on complimentary San Pellegrino and INFINITE BREADSTICKS. Sleeve design by Randall Marsh. Full Beam! jumper provided by The Pyramid Suite. Veal steaks provided by Pappa Nino...



Original sleeve effort haha (RMx)

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Full Beam! Staff Chart #1

(All hitters - no shitters)

))))))))))))))))))))))Randall Marsh((((((((((((((((((((((
B.o.f – I’ve got your number 1984
Roshelle Flemming - Love Itch 1985
Drew Richards – I don’t want to lose your love 1984
Nick Straker – Turn me down 1984
PP Arnold - A little pain 1985

*Network – Cover Girl 1984
*Richard Jon Smith – She's the master of the game 1983
*Chocolate - It's that easy street beat (club mix) 1985
*Mikki – Dance lover 1985
*Sybil – Falling in love (Club mix) 1986

))))))))))))))))))))Vincent Texture((((((((((((((((((((
*Sherrick – Tell me what it is 1987
*The Trammps – Up on the hill (Mt. U) 1983
*Emerson – Sending all my love out 1988
*Slyck – Trust me 1982
*Zo! Ft Eric Roberson – We are on the move 2013

Monday, 4 August 2014

Full Beam! w/ GLOWING PALMS (05/09/14)

Patterns: Stanley Biff Jnr. / Layout Randall Marsh Snr. 2014. Glowing Palms logo - model's own.

*Join us as we climb the pyramid on Friday September 5th down at the Roadhouse in Manchester where we play host to GLOWING PALMS! - Part of London's flamboyant ENDLESS REACH crew and regular host on Resonance FM's ultra nice show THE GRAVY, this razor sharp northern cat has been steadily clocking up the showbiz credits, boasting slick DJ and Production skills. A prize stallion in the RUF KUTZ stable, G.P has fired out several whoppers for the label including a recent mammoth effort on the beautiful RK#9 12" where he pumps Skream's Midnight Request Line up on to the garage hydraulics for some heavy customisation, garnering a weighty nod from the Croydon stepper himself on Radio One recently.....

G.P can more than hold his own when it comes to a boogie jam and will no doubt also be armed with extra laser beams, rock-hard electronical cricket balls and massive floor pounders to boot. Expect them knickers to fizzzzzzzzzzzzz down at the Full Beam! boogietech on September Five....



Also entering the joust, we got ice-cold boogie knight - SI:FI hitting the canvass for this one... Part of Manchester's 3-on-3-off carouseling 'Doghouse Crew' which includes esteemed members of Manc institution : The Social Service (We're kidnappin' your boy for this one yo!)... Randy Marsh first met this cat on the Sunday League football pitch and got marked out of the game (Oi! RMx). A tight-pocketed solid defender, 1st rate sick cunt (soz girls) and a monster jock - Well looking forward to him oiling up the FB! runway...


So 1 bluey (5 pound note) equals PURE BOOGIE come September 5th... The Full Beam! team will be on site too for extra grunt... Full script detailed on the pinging poster at top of the page... Extra credit going out to Stanley Biff Jnr. (Straight out the Nile / Feet still wet) for providing the insane patterns. Stan will also be providing live Visual FX on the evening as we break into the subterranean chamber... 

))))))))))))) Full Beam! Team x ((((((((((((


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Enter the Pyramid Suite....

*Welcome to the PYRAMID SUITE ::: Tucked away deep inside the Great Pyramid of Longsight lies an e-commerce portal carrying locally sourced treasures made available to the wider universe... 

*Stocking tackle from various Manchester-based record labels, club nights and individual artists... including Cassette Tapes, Records, Clothes, Club Night / Event Tickets and more - All available to purchase using your imaginary PayPal money... (proper money also accepted)

*During your visit you are likely to discover Super Limited Edition Trinkets & Rare As Rocking Camel Shit Artifacts... With some special items exclusive to the Pyramid Suite and unavailable anywhere else! For example......

*Keep an eye out for more stuff as we get it in from now on. Follow us on Social Media Crud :::   


Current Pyramid Suite Partners Include:


*If you have things that you think we might like to stock please email :


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Slipstream Cruises...

Poster : R. Marsh 2014

SLIPSTREAM smooth cruises now available in 2 ports.... Already a monthly at THE SOCIAL in LONDON & now Sunny MANCHESTER will play host to evenings of power jazz, lagoon soul and low bpm serenades such as....

Steered by regulars BOBBY NAUTICAL, SWAYWARD & RANDALL MARSH who will be swimming between both cities on the regular....Strictly plain sailing and relaxed action... Shuffleboard vibes all night... Check the SLIPSTREAM PAGE for additional forecasts... 


Thursday, 20 March 2014

FULL BEAM! Basement jam at El Diablo's init...

Full Beam! flicks back into action in 2014,,, appearing at the forthcoming EL DIABLO'S 3-floor jam down at Deaf Institute on Saturday 22nd March in Manchesterrrrrr! Randall Marsh and crew hit the basement and we'll be parking the pyramid down there about midnight; Feet will be inspected upon entry for traces of camel dung and unclipped toe nails...


*Found these in the a skip recently...
Expect 'em to be rolled out... LOUD


Thursday, 16 January 2014

/////// FULL BEAM! Volume 11. /////// 2013 REVIEW!!! /////// T-SHIRT COMP! /////// FANTASIA!!! ///////

Design: Randall Marsh 2014

Our Full Beam! series notched up number eleven just before Xmas... was so busy wading my way through silly season that I've only got chance to blog it now... ANYWHO : wrap you lips, tits and your hips round this blinder if you haven't already... Ladybeige and Dave Owen (Social Service) by special request... Randy Marsh and Benny Badge (Pig's arse you did mate) hit their last jam down at the Greatstone Hotel... - the 'Not Quite NYE' Party... Well it felt like NYE anyway as it was fully rammed all night and fully buzzin as standard... FIREWORKS. RMx

* 2 * 0 * 1 * 3 * * * H * I * G * H * L * I * G * H * T * S *

AS we move up yet another floor of the pyramid in 2014 we commit loads of memorable nitelife highlights to the brain bank... BIG, BIG Thanks to anyone who came down/took part to/of any of these nights/event and made them mint.... Here's FULL BEAM!'s Top 10 episodes of 2013... in no particular order.... - PHEW!

1> Dave Owen's Wet Play set @ Kraak 07/12/13 >>> Dave O rocked up at Kraak with a massive bag of bangers and proceeded to prize open a mammoth boogie sink hole that took out the entire club. Huge soul drenched, floor-geared club boogie hits non-stop - Standard practise for this cat. Fortunately we recorded the whole thing on a fresh c90 cassette which we here at Full Beam! could happily listen to on repeat, forever... Look out for this being released in some capacity (probably a physical Wet Play Tapecast) in the near future.

Dave O in the wormhole...

2> Il Bosco's Midnight Mind Meld @ Wet Play, Kraak 03/08/13 >>> As the clock hit 12 Bosco mooched upto the controls and took everyone deep into a wild italo labyrinth with no tom-tom. Spock would have been buzzin all four of his vulcan nips off to this had he been arsed to make the trip (you missed out leonard you nimrod) - Been asked for the recording of this pure, definitely one of the most memorable sets we've ever heard down at the Wet Play . We we're keepin it in the cooler for a possible official release on Tape but decided that peops need to hear this shit so check it:

3> Full Beam! Pyramid - Vincent Texture's Birthday w/ Bop Gun @ Gullivers 16/11/13 >>> A crack construction team consisting of Crispy Duck, Bathtub and Randy Marsh camped out all week at the Gravy Pit, taking a grand total of 52 hours to building a pyramid out of bubble wrap, card and bamboo rods to bounce visuals off. It took approximately 5.2 seconds to flatten the fucker and get it skipped after the do. All done in celebration of Vincent Textures Birthday. A couple of life-sized cardboard cut outs of VT even got knocked up but they got nicked during the night... Texture's gran was definitely seen leaving the club with one over her shoulder (Bills in the post love) - Also had our man Bop Gun down from Glasgow for this who properly pounded the living shit out of Gulliver's function room.

Behold the top room... Pharoahs only...

4> Full Beam! Hydrofoil @ Wet Play, Kraak 03/08/13 >>> Loads of one-pops (one skin hash zoots) and a shit load of ale isnt really recommended when your trying to pilot a Hydrofoil consisting of 3 record decks, a CDJ, a synth and a shit load of unquantized boogie bangers but Marsh and Metrodome managed to pull it off, just about... Sounds like they'd both been mainlining ketamine directly into their peckers in parts... After promising to stay sober until after the voyage, plans we're abandoned as the day went on and they got bored of drinkin kia-ora like a couple of stiffs... This was gonna stay sealed but here it is in the raw... *Not for the feint-hearted*

5> ThatFullAmazingRedWetLaserBeamDiscoPlayThing 16/08/13 >>> A joint function from multiple club nights descended on an undisclosed showbiz location for a free party mid summer - managing to blow up the venues sound system in the process (Spandexxxxxxxxx!!!!!!). sonofapizzaman's 10 minute sweaty topless wrestle with the effects controls before he found out where the buttons were was a particular highlight. Unfortunately there was a strict ban on photography so all memories of this are only contained in flashbacks and several massive booze stains on the carpet. Look out for a similar happening this summer...

6.1> Space Docking @ Gullivers 16/02/13 >>> Those who were there will remember one thing about this night, those that weren't there will have heard about the now leg-endary finger bumming dance floor antics of one particular reveller who managed to whip up a circle consisting of 50% horrified onlookers and 50% pissing themselves onlookers. Way to split the room mate... Marsh did have photographic proof of this shit going down but opted not to publish due to a fear of getting done for sex crimes.

6.2> Wet Play vs Space Docking @ Soup Kitchen 20/09/13 >>> In an attempt to beckon back the mystery finger bummer for a second helping - Wet Play teamed up with the Space Dockers for a techno-boogie romp down at Soup. The club was filled with thick fog fumes in an attempt to smoke out this sucker but to no avail. Word has it that he'd checked himself into a clinical wig-wag in an attempt to purge his demons. Ah well. Didn't stop everyone from having a sick bash that got so smoky that the bar staff couldn't see the till n shit. Marsh hid the fog switch under a record box on full pump until complaints of eye-bleeds and lung failure in the crowd forced them to tone things down a bit...

This is what 5 hours and 39 minutes of Wet Play v Space Docking looks like.

7> Klondyke Club Music Night >>> Three of these bashes took place in 2013 down at the Klondyke bowling and snooker club over in sunny Levenshulme ('The home of the jaffa cake')... Organised by Ste Spandex (M.E.N DJ of the year 2013), Harry Henderson, Crispy Duck and Don Lovedog (now barred from the joint, in fact - now barred from everywhere in Levenshulme he doesn't own). Nice to get out of the city centre every now and then especially when they're serving space raider butties upon entry.

How the fuck did this man gain access to the
Gravy Pit? & what's he doing on me back?
Only kidding mate... Your welcome any day.
(Apart from Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays,
Thursdays. Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays RMx)

8> Endless Reach Vampire Disco @ Mother Studios, London 02/11/13 >>> Killer party in the capital hosted by Glowing Palms, Muitante & $wayward... Marsh jetted down to join fellow Mancunian Ruf Dug for a heaving, sell out all nighter, 5 floors up in a sick loft space. Ruffy installed his custom Martian control units and served up coconut pudding throughout the night under a giant custom, smoke blowing skull (skills BrunoKnowz) Any Londerers readin should watch out for the Endless Reach boys making moves in 2014 as they're set to chuck some pretty hefty irons on the fire down there.

Check this beast in action! - HERE

9> Wet Play. Red Laser, Full Beam! NYE @ Soup Kitchen 31/12/13 >>> Blindin' and fitting end to 2013 at a sold out Soupy. Upstairs saw a frantic boogie / italo ruckus run by the Full Beam! and Red Laser Records crews  (blowin up speakers the maniacs) whilst downstairs saw the Wet Play pals rumble into the night joined by Benny Badge (on day release from the Pyramid Suite) who brought in the new year in High Fashion. Pretty sure DJ White Pepper managed to tip a bottle of poppers into the smoke machine at some point cause everyone was off their nuts... Tales of an ill-fated Il Bosco post party 'whitey' been ringing round the camp... Apparently sonofapizzaman had to put a johnny on his widge, talc his bum and tuck him into bed for a bit - Don't worry g... happens to the best of us. (Reference: Randy Marsh @ The Pizzashop, Circa 2013 - Huge whitey leads to unconscious drop in the shower room and face butt on glass panel leading to massive gash in head - treated with tampons, frozen bagel. Aftercare : Wound glued up with eyelash glue. All good). ***NEWSFLASH*** Cancel the A.P.B on Bosco's phone everyone! - amongst accusations of thievery the device turns up 2 weeks later at the bottom of his record bag. Bloody hell! Keith Richards been piddlin' in yer red red wine or something pal?

Double B deep into it on NYE...

10> Yes Cliff! >>> Who's been round the 2nd hand record shops in Manchester and clocked the abundance of 3cm diameter yellow stickered records about the place? Mostly with 'Cliff' written on them... Randy Marsh has snaffled at least 3 dozen of these bits over the past 6 months, ranging from £20 jewels to 50p bargain soul sleepers. Street soul and boogie essentials plus rare bits too... As demonstrated in Randy Marsh's 'A Dusty Bargain Soul Mooch' which contains approximately 90% cliff bangers.... Not exactly a clubbin' highlight but our mystery man has definitely been contributing to the vibe as peops cotton on to the relative goldmine that's he's sprinkled around town.

> LOADS OF LOVE & GOOD LUCK IN 2014....! <


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


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Win this T-Shirt!!! (Bathtub won seperately)
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sonofapizzaman's 13" Fantasia

No words.... Just LISTEN....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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