Thursday, 7 November 2013

Re-energise the Boogie jam 16/11/13

Poster by : Randall Marsh Snr.

*After a lengthy spell of pumping undercover, private showbiz 'pit' jams FULL BEAM! is back for public consumption... This time we're rolling down to GULLIVER's - one of the only gaffs in Manchester's NQ we're not barred from (slight exaggeration) for and early evening power mooch in their upstairs chamber. This place has recently been spruced up ta f**k... Licks of paint throughout, the jazz-stained carpet (see the 'Space Docking' incident) has gone, leaving a lush wooden floor, new sound and light system installed...

Insert Pyramid here.....

*Event brought on in celebration of one Vincent Texture's Birthday... many happy Re-gurns g (gyulp). By special invitation and in addition to your regular FB! crew we're beaming down Glasgow's BOP GUN for one night only! Scroll down or click the name for our previous post re: this cat. and ohhh shit... the vicious rumours of a certain BOBBY NAUTICAL a.k.a The Ted Danson of Rap a.k.a The Roger Sterling of Soul being in town armed with a bag of liquid heat are TRUE... another solid reason to tuck in and turn up.

*NIGHT RUNS FROM 9pm - 1AM : So don't rock up at 12.30am and moan that its closing at 1.... This ain't no club night its a JAM folks so get your asses into town early and come straight to the spot if you want to hear HARDCORE BOOGIE rocks... We ain't charging in but DONATIONS are encouraged, we suggest a couple of quid - this will help us pay for Bop gun's teleportation costs and other expenses e.g Bobby Nautical's £75 umbrella penchant....

<<<<< HITS LIKE THESE >>>>>

*Yes peops, we've activated a channel to bang out our favourite hits... in peculiar - ones that aint on youtube... Instrumental dubs n shit that oft get overlooked and clangers that no-one can be arsed uploading cause they aint worth 100 quid... There's a few bits on there and more to follow so FOLLOW....


....Show me the way to the Pizza Party!!!! The Hydrofoil has a full fuel tank and this 'pizzaman mix is cellotaped into the cassette deck and pumpin LOUD!... Runnin over armband-wearing chumps for fun.

FB! x

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A Late Night Boogie Review 2

Call 0800 G-R-A-V-Y-P-I-T for tips on how to deal with burglars
(2 burglars were harmed during the recording of this mix)

Time for another late night boogie review.... 13 Hurricane-force Grenades, lobbed at will during a late night pop at the Gravy Pit. Knives are NOT plastic but all the hits are... Full wax tackle... Raw boogie gems garnered from several recent gold minin' raids throughout the U.K from Manchester to Bury St Edmunds... Plus a couple of bangers from the caves of the generous Il Bosco (props).....

*Catch Randy next down at Wet Play's Supernatural Showbiz Jamboree (do NOT miss!) on Friday 1st Nov at the Dancehouse Theatre, Oxford Road, Manchester where he'll be fending off rampant techno spectres and zombified ravers with boogie and talcum powder.... PILE ONNNNNNNNNNN!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

LONDON HEADS!!!! - Marsh hittin' Mother Studios, hackney for Endless Reach's ALL NIGHT Vampire disco the very next evening as a late addition to the already brimming line up... *Don't go dressed as a burglar. Crack open a fresh bottle of Talc and supe up!!! 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Saturday, 19 October 2013

FULL BEAM! Volume TEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Cover designed by : Randy Marsh

We reach Full Beam! number ten with a massive BANG!...12 smash hits from the cooler of BENNY BADGE - beamed over to the Gravy Pit in one tiiiiiiiiiiiiiight package and sent out to you and yours with LOVE... Hailing from Earth's warm underbelly, BB's holding a boogie stash to blow your brains out and here's a dozen specially for us!

We don't need no waterrrrrrrrrrr!

So the man has the goods... check the SECRET HEAT vibe he's got simmering away with fellow cruiser weight champion INKSWEL... *Plus he also happens to sport some of the hottest synth-skills in all of modern boogie... Creasin' up stereos worldwide with his much lauded and awesome NITE CLASS project recently,,, along with ongoing pyramid-shaking escapades as FREEKWENCY...

Benny jammed HARD with us last year down at Full Beam! and rumours about a return visit are RIFE so keep alert for details on where to catch him soon. Rest assured, we will meet him at the airport and bundle him into the back of the boogie bus...

Monday, 7 October 2013

Pyramid discovered north of the border....

Recently been diggin' this particular link in the universal Boogie chain (reachin out to all humpers all over)... Up in Glasgow, Scotland resides one BOP GUN... This g's got the Mothership u-locked to the scene up there, dropping grenades on bods for fun and thrashing down the kind of floor-bashin' mixing that we buzz off. Needless to say we're already mapping out a cross kingdom jam swapping mission in the near future so keep them peepers pinned open wide...

*Check the BOP GUN SOUNDCLOUD and strap in for some rear clunking, P-Funk littered BOOGIE!

Bop Gun driving the pod at La Cheetah Club... Somebody build us one of these immediately.

*Vibe ups..... Zzzzap that ass...

*Ok so anyone up in the area on the 19th october best be checking out this do... You may even come across a Full Beam! away team if R.M can swerve his showbiz responsibilities for the weekend...

Do fries come with that? - Course they do... tune in...... - FB Crew x

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Social Serviciiiiing (31/08/13)

Social Service Boogie Meltdown with Randy Marsh and Matt Blakk!!!

*Every other month our mates at The Social Service host an ace night down at The Greatstones Hotel in sunny Stretford... If you've never been down then you should take the slight mooch from central Manchester and check out this party... The venue is like some underground cavern-come-museum-come-pub-come-club... Fully conducive to good times... And alongside the excellent residents (lots of grade A boogie being played) they always ship in great guest DJs......

*So we're buzzin to say our own RANDY MARSH has been invited down to join Mancunian boogie legend MATT BLAKK for a proper Boogie Meltdown this Saturday August 31st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Full Beam! fully recommends you check this dig out if you know whats good for you...... 

Marsh will bringing shit like this:

and this:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Packin em in for James Holroyd (2 Time UK tea-bagging champion)
at the last one!
Marsh knew the whole night that he would win the raffle. Number 31.
Some crazy Paul McKenna shit.
Amazing ladies' washroom facilities!... Gents = adequate.
Ladybeige in control.... Wax Jams....FULL buzz...

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

FULL BEAM! hits London.... 13/07/13

Poster By: Randall Marsh 2013

Yes London Folk.... The FB! Mothership is cruisin down to your domain on Saturday 13th July... sonofapizzaman will be in charge... Parkin' up at NORTHERN SOUL KITCHEN (co-ordinates on poster) n playing boogie-centric tackle from 3pm alllllllllllll day and eve... Dope record shop-come-eatery-come social hotspot... get on it if your in range. Tasty shit to eat and all heavy wax vibes.

Liquid sunshine boogie allllll day....... pizzaman will be joined by Wet Play's own WAYWARD. C who'll be mooching down from his clubhouse in Bishops Tooting Forehead or what other wackily-named capital burrough he dwells in nahhhdays *ARMED to the teeth with a bag of the strongest aphrodisiacs as standard.



Make a b-line down to the place on Saturday 13th July... RMx

Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Dusty Bargain Soul Mooch

Randy & sonofapizzaman been ransacking the 'Bargain Soul' section down at Manchester's Vinyl Exchange... Expect fluff n gravy dust as some of these slabs look like they been in there for a bit... Someone buy Marsh one of those yellow hankies and some isopropanol... Gritty jackin moves n late 80's grinds in sight. bug out.

P.S - Yo Cliff! whoever you are? nice one g.

*TRACKSSSSSSS (to best of memory will update soon as.)

1. Kenny & Jerry The Whitehead Brothers - Stylin
2. Guinn - Open Your Door
3. Rick Clarke - Perfect Lady
4. Michael Cooper - Dinner For Two
5. Chuck Stanley - The Finer Things In Life
6. Broomfield - Is It So Hard
7. Foster Sylvers & Hy-Tech - Pretty Baby
8. Paul Laurence - I Ain't Wit It
9. _ _ _ _ _ _ - Keep In Touch
10. _ _ _ _ _ _- You Are The One
11. Shabazz - Takes Me Higher
12. Hinton Battle - Physical Habit
13. Nu-Shooz - You Put Me In A Trance
14. Rick Clarke - Get Busy 


Thursday, 20 June 2013

FULL BEAM! Volume 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......

*Sleeve By Randall Marsh 2013

*Another bangin guest mix here from our good pal RUF DUG... Beamed UP from his observatory straight into the FB! mothership's tape deck. Ruffy's been going up through the gears in 2013... crackin out liquid sunshine for various peops as well as lining up the hits on his own mega RUF KUTZ label... AND firing out bare tapes on his fresh RUF TAPES blog...A boogie lover, as you will tell after peepin this Vol. expect to catch this cat at a special FULL BEAM! jam in Aug this year (keep em peeled - gonna be a v. special occasion).

*Hold me...... Love me...... Hold me..... Love me.... ooohhhhhh such a lovely feelin' (sweet baby)

Check these links!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

FULL BEAM! Volume 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Sleeve By Randall Marsh 2013

*The first in a series of Full Beam! guest mixes brings IL BOSCO into the fold... Deep dip into a cultured collection of bangers from RED LASER RECORDS' Gee-in-chief and full time sick cunt. Enjoy with a cold glass of Sunny D and a round of joggers with pals (code)....

*Oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhh I just love you much too much............................... RMx


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

*Live A/V Friday Evening Social... 24/05/13

Poster by: Randy Marsh

*Beamers open wide for some action on the 24th May. Full Beam! in partnership with Wet Play and the Dancehouse Theatre present an evening social do... There will be a heavy helping of boogie in the form of a bar jam and we're also screening P.P.U's video party vol. 2 in the Dancehouse's large auditorium before ITAL and AURORA HALAL go nuts in there and give us a live, audio-visual shower. Merely five quid in for all this? Randy's been pulling his showbiz connections to make this happen. Iron your slacks.....


Friday, 1 March 2013

Full Beam! Mixtape Vol 7. Hot out the oven!

Recently we've re-energized Full Beam! with an alllllllll nu look so it only seemed right that me n 'pizzaman banged out a mix each to celebrate...

 We been snapping up loads of belters recently... diggin an a reaching... and spending dough we haven't got... Fuck a gas bill gees... This shits' more important....  Anyway, so here we go with parts one and two of FB! Mixtape Volume 7... Download from the soundcloud (links underneath)... 

Any you cats need a tracklist... give us a shout via the usual channels n we'll sort it. LOOK OUT for more selections soon... Got some heads getting busy trying to out bang us and our man METRODOME is getting on it as well with some nu moochers he's been cooking up. Keep in the loop by signing up to this shit via email up on the top left...

*Those wanting to hit it with us LIVE, we booting off the social jams again on the 8th March... check the previous post on here for details and get your arses down.

March into the light..... RMx

Thursday, 21 February 2013

1st Social Boogie Jam of 2013...

Boogie lovers, we're back on Friday the 8th March for a patented ALL WAX, Full Beam! boogie social...

New spot for this one: Kosmonaut on Tariff Street, Manchester M1 2FF. As always its FREE entry for all. *Nice early start at 8pm and we cruisin thru til 1am... this is a RELAXED social everyone... no goons will be tolerated. Its 'pizzaman's birthday as well so get down at 8pm if you want to see his bird popping out of a giant pizza. Facebook event: 

Poster by Randy Marsh 2013
OK so mark that date in your diary's and cancel all other plans

To get you in the mood in the meantime, sonofapizzamans dropped us a few of his recently acquired bangers. Get your chops around these:


Full Beam! Mixtapes. Download links

*Full Beam! - Concentrated Boogie via Manchester UK
*Been getting asked loads for download links to previous Full Beam! mixes so here they are in one place for ease of use... links to old blog posts etc.... find the dload links (piece of piss) n bang em on your chips for a buzzzzzz........

Follow us on soundcloud.... we goin up through the levels....

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